Anzal Weavers

Anzal, Morocco


Marhaba (welcome) to our site!

We are the weavers of the Jemaia Tifawin (Association of Lights), located in Anzal, a village in the province of Ouarazazate, Morocco.  We are Tashelhayt speaking women who learned the art of weaving from our mothers, aunts and grandmothers.  Weaving is a very ancient tradition, especially in this region.  We are proud to be able to say that carpets made in Anzal are renowned throughout Morocco as being particularly fine.

Please visit our galleries to see examples of our work.
If you are in our area, stop by for a visit.  You are always welcome to sit and have tea in our atelier. 
If you would like to order a custom-made carpet, we will be happy to make one to your exact specifications.  Let us know you like our site by passing our address on to your friends.  Come back and visit again, any time!